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Agatha Christie - Dead Man's Folly:  Downloadable PC and Tablet game




Dead Man's Folly 


This was the third Poirot seek and find game we developed in the Agatha Christie series. By its launch the franchise had been downloaded over 30 million times.   


In ‘Dead Man's Folly’ players join Detective Hercule Poirot as a guest at the beautiful Nasse House in the English countryside, as they take part in a thrilling mock-murder game. In the most authentic Agatha Christie experience to date, players help uncover the possible motives leading to a buried secret through 48 challenging seek-and-find levels and 15 gorgeous locations. Players uncover clues, solve complex puzzles and reveal the truth behind a devious scheme.


The Dead Man’s Folly Game was initially released as a PC downloadable game n 2009 and was launched in tablet version in 2014.


Interestingly, the Amazon app store in Brazil launched with this game.

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