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Our Directors 

Valérie Bozzetto

Joint Managing Director


Experienced Media, Television, Games and digital executive & entrepreneur.


Valérie is joint Managing Director of IRM and is an innovative digital strategist with extensive experience in funding, mentoring and investing in startups. She is well known for advising leading media organisations on strategies for gaming and global digital extensions. 


Valérie started her career in Marketing and Advertising in Paris, landing much coveted roles working for L’Oreal and LVMH. Soon establishing herself as an astute business woman and influential marketer, Valérie was approached by Celador International and relocated to London.  Here she spent 5 years spearheading the aggressive development of the show ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’, transforming it from a UK-centric brand to a huge global success. Travelling worldwide to strike hundreds of deals with mobile operators, online providers and gaming companies, within two years Valérie had taken the show’s digital services, games and partnerships from a base of zero to over 60. These digital extensions went on to win 10 awards, went live in 60 countries and made £7m in profit each year.


Since her time at Celador, Valérie has co-funded and managed several successful digital businesses. IRM, which acquires digital IP’s (its acquisitions have included Agatha Christie, Mastermind and Harper Collins Dictionaries), and Defacto Media, a boutique consulting firm (with clients such as Endemol, BBC, Star TV, and Fox Television).  Her work has included advising leading broadcasters, production companies and gaming legends (such as the Electronic Arts founder) on digital content, gaming and social media strategy. As one of the frontrunners in this field, Valérie was also head hunted by Entrago, a hybrid between TV and social media. Initially appointed in an advisory capacity, she was then brought on as CCO and CMO with her work focussing on signing celebrities such as Rihanna and Katy Perry, and securing funding for the business.


With a passion for mentoring young entrepreneurs Valérie's experience has led her to both assist and often lead funding processes and craft exit strategies. She has also lead numerous M&A negotiations with the likes of Celador, Sony, All 3 Media and Ludorum to name but a few.


True to her French heritage, Valerie views great art, coffee and black polo neck jumpers as some of life’s essentials.







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