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Celador International - 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire'




Who Wants To Be A Millionaire


The IRM management team spearheaded Celador International's Digital Service Offering and pioneered new products and new business models. With awards ranging from the most played mobile game in the world to the most innovative use of in-show interactivity.


Products included:


  • An award-winning winning video based DVD game with Universal studios and Zoo digital, which won the DVDA Excellence awards 2006 (navigation design and implementation excellence)

  • The most successful branded mobile game of all time

  • In-show game - This was a ground-breaking mechanic and was the first time in the world that viewers could sms their answers to the questions and be offered a chance to win cash prizes and a seat on the next series if they have the fastest text finger.

  • Award-winning pay-to-play internet game - built in-house and broke European records when it launched on and ran for 10 years. Launched in over 15 markets. Ran for over 10 years on ITV

  • A popular pub machine version of the ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire?’ game as a result of a  very successful partnership with JPM 

  • Ditv - This great standalone quiz game won the  most creative iTV programme at the 2004 International iTV awards

  • An exciting e-learning tool where people could use the quiz structure to test training modules. 

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