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Agatha Christie sign new retail deal for PC games to be boxed and sold in US mainstream stores.

Interactive Rights Management (IRM) and Acorn Productions have licensed the hit series of Agatha Christie downloadable PC games to be boxed and sold into retail stores such as Target and Walmart in the US and European territories by Anuman Interactive.

The Agatha Christie ‘seek and find’ games have received over 30 million downloads since their launch and have won several awards that were voted by game players themselves. These seek and find digital games have been hand-drawn and beautifully rendered to reflect the era. “The fact that Anuman want to take our downloadable games and extend their distribution beyond online availability to a PC CD-ROM format, available to buy in physical stores, is a testimony to the quality and popularity of these games,” commented Valerie Bozzetto of IRM. She continued “We are very excited that our Agatha Christie games are now being accessed by a whole new audience who shop in these large scale American stores”. The games in CD-ROM format are also available to buy on Amazon in the US.

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