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IRM and Acorn Productions join with Peka Editorial to release first Agatha Christie strategy board g

Interactive Rights Management (IRM) and Acorn Productions have brought Agatha Christie’s hit title ‘And Then There Were None’ to the strategy board game world with a deal with exciting new board game company 'Peka Editorial’. The prototype for this game has already won an award at the Sixth Board Game Design Competition Ciutat de Granollers (2013).

The new game uses stunning graphical representations which beautifully illustrate the timeless classic from Agatha Christie and create the exciting atmosphere of this fascinating mystery. The game has carefully been designed to engage the most exacting strategy game players and has two modes; a semi co-operative mode and a competitive mode. The game will first be available in Spain with a view to a worldwide release in the years ahead.

“The story of ‘And Then There Were None’ is one Agatha Christie’s most intriguing mysteries, commented Megan Goodwin-Patel of IRM. “and we are excited about creating a game that will challenge strategy game players to deduce who is committing these crimes before it is too late.. and there is no one left!”. She continued “With two modes of play; moderate and complex, this top quality game has a lot of replayability”

This board game is just another license in Interactive Rights Management’s vision of new extensions for the Agatha Christie brand. Ms Goodwin-Patel added “ With intriguing, suspense-filled stories at the core of the Christie brand this is just another way for those stories to provide great entertainment for different audiences, and further products will be revealed in the following months”. The game already has large Pre-orders based on the concept only.

Peka Editorial is an award winning new company based in Spain and has already reached huge success with its complex strategy game last year called Huida de Silver City (Escape from Silver City). The game sold out of the the first edition in less than 3 months.

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